Travel Writing in the 5th Dimension: Transport your Inner Armchair Traveler!

Taos-Plaza-signWHETHER YOU’RE an avid traveler or someone who yearns to travel, and whether you’ve ever considered writing a travel piece or not, this workshop will take you on journeys (both inward and outward) designed to spontaneously combust your preconceived notions.

In a 7-day feast of writing, world food and local expeditions, you’ll experience the joys of writing from all of your senses—including the seldom-mentioned 7th sense.

The goal is not to learn how to become a published travel writer, but something much richer. You’ll learn how to “travel” no matter where you are, how to write from those mysterious places inside of you that light up your world, and how to believe in yourself in unexpected ways.

Who is this workshop for?

You don’t need to have experience with travel writing to attend this workshop. In fact, you don’t need much writing experience at all. Workshop presenter Milli Thornton is the author of Fear of Writing and presenter of the popular Fear of Writing Clinic and she knows how to unleash your inner writer, no matter how long its been cramped in confinement.

It’s actually better if you’ve never done a lick of travel writing. The beginner’s mind is ripe for exploration! Plus it’s so much easier to let yourself have fun when you don’t have a bunch of industry rules already engraved inside your head.

The curriculum that keeps on giving

As part of your workshop materials, you’ll receive a student workbook personally designed by Milli that you’ll be writing in throughout the workshop. Not only will the workbook pull creative stuff out of you that you didn’t know was there, you’ll be able to continue using it at home for more writing pleasure. The workbook will also give you fun ways to stay involved with Milli’s writing programs even after you’ve returned home.

The workshop starts with icebreaker exercises created in Milli’s typical style: so easy and fun you’ll barely notice you’re writing. (Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it be harder than this?!) After you’re well and truly warmed up you’ll be catapulted into workbook assignments that will make you want to stay up at night writing. By the final days of the workshop, you will be experiencing a momentum you’d be tempted to disbelieve if you were watching yourself from afar.

Chef Cosmo, at your service!

Fish fillet filled with shrimps Mexican chili sauces by lunamarina

Colorful New Mexican cuisine
Courtesy Stockfresh & lunamarina

How insipid would a travel writing workshop be without world cuisine? And, by the way, you cannot come to Northern New Mexico (renowned for its spicy and colorful food) to eat burgers and fries.

Our workshop chef, Cosmo, has a passion for preparing and presenting regional and exotic dishes. You will not only be consuming his delicious meals, you’ll be using what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear to enhance the writing you’ll be doing.

Creative Expeditions

Copyright © Brian Williams

Chile Truck, Taos, New Mexico © Brian Williams

Although the wonder of writing in the grand library at Truchas Peaks Place is guaranteed to make you happy, we will also venture out on several expeditions during the workshop. Just like the food, the expeditions will feed your senses which will feed your writing. Milli will show you how to trick yourself out of the usual “I don’t know where to start” mental traps and use these adventures to go beyond the stereotypes of travel writing into other dimensions.

Workshop presenter Milli Thornton and adventure travel guide Deborah Stephens of Timeless Journeys scour the countryside looking for the unusual and the classic, the stimulating and the relaxing, the historic and the memorable. You’ll ride in a passenger van with your fellow writing students and your biggest job during the journey will be to drink in the beauty and starkness of the Northern New Mexico landscape. The expeditions are safe and fun (no action sports) and fodder for a thousand photos.

Adventures will include:

— An evening of stargazing on an upstairs deck and under New Mexico’s glittering skies, complete with telescope, wine and cheese.

— Prepare world cuisine (or an authentic New Mexican meal) in a fun and scrumptious cooking class with the warm, talented and funny Chef Cosmo. Learn more about the stories behind the foods, awaken your senses with fresh and colorful ingredients, and then relish your creation as you dine with the group.

Flea-Market-Rd-sign— Off-the-beaten-path expeditions to hidden gems of the Land of Enchantment, designed to fire the mind and rev up your pen

We purposely don’t reveal beforehand exactly what the expeditions will be. This is your chance to let spontaneity and mystery engage your inner child.

Truchas Peaks Place

Truchas Peaks Place is located in Truchas, New Mexico, 35 miles north of Santa Fe. It truly is surrounded by peaks and the mountain views from the windows and balconies are breathtaking.

Truchas Peaks Place, Truchas, New Mexico

Truchas Peaks Place, Truchas, New Mexico

The main building is 12,000-sq ft. and newly constructed with local adobe materials in the pitched-roof style of the region. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter; radiant heat warms the floors and gas fireplaces in the common areas.

Each of the 10 bedrooms has a queen-size bed with down pillows and luxurious linens, a desk, chairs, a wardrobe closet, and towels. The gourmet kitchen is fully equipped and ready for our chef to please your taste buds.

The conference center can house up to 30 guests using daybeds and trundles. But we like to keep our events small and intimate (this one is capped at 15) and we’re not into trundle beds! We offer you the choice of deluxe single accommodation or deluxe shared accommodation.

What would it take for you to live this dream?

If you’re salivating at the sound of this adventure but also having some hesitations, please give Milli a call for a friendly chat. We understand your fears and we don’t engage in pressure sales tactics. If you want to explore the possibility of coming to this workshop but you’re nervous about some aspect of it, it will be our pleasure to talk with you no matter what your decision ends up being. We love helping people move closer to their creative dreams!

Milli — (830) 832-1355 — Mountain Time (New Mexico)