About Milli

“Feeling creatively inspired is one of life’s priceless gifts. When you receive a goodie,
don’t wait till the chores are done to open your present.” — Milli Thornton

MILLI THORNTON is the author of Fear of Writing and course presenter for the Fear of Writing Online Course based on her book. She has a passion for helping writers unleash their imaginations and discover the true depths of their own creativity.

Milli loves designing workshop curricula that allow participants to let their hair down and have fun, laugh and cry together, and discover they’re not alone in their fears and blocks.

Milli presents a plethora of writing courses at Unleash Your Writing! and coaches at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service. She blogs at Milliver’s Travels with a corps of fun-lovin’ staff writers and has enjoyed herself writing several screenplays. Her current works-in-progress: another liberating book for writers and more student workbooks for future workshops.