Leigh Lauck

LEIGH LAUCK writes fiction that explores the places where magic leaks into ordinary life. She completed her recent manuscript, The White Dragon, in the spring of 2014.

Leigh works with Milli Thornton, creativity coach and author of Fear of Writing, as editor of the Fear of Writing Gazette. As a staff writer at Milliver’s Travels, Leigh blogs about adventures in her own back yard, and in destinations she’s been lucky to visit around the world.

Leigh believes that our creativity is a precious gift that deserves nurturing and encouragement. Her mission at Fun Writing Workshops is to help writers thrive, have fun, and believe in their writing life.

Leigh spent fifteen years organizing and marketing retreats and workshops in New Mexico. She now brings that business brain and passion to Fun Writing Workshops.

Born and raised in Maine, Leigh lives in Taos, where the desert meets the mountains. Learn more about Leigh at LeighLauck.com.