Is this for you?

Here at Dragon’s Gate Creative Journeys, the accent is on creativity and fun. The other guiding principle is safe place.

“We don’t allow critiques,” said workshop presenter Milli Thornton. “So writers—and especially emerging closet writers—who are not ready won’t have to dread that kind of scary feedback.”

We offer a mix of one-day workshops and weekend or multi-day writing retreats. The Fear of Writing Clinic starts by unleashing your innate creativity and giving you a way to express and work through your fears. From there you can choose kick-starter workshops in more specific genres—travel writing, screenwriting, journaling and so on—while still feeling safe and loved. We are here as the antithesis to literary snobbery.

We also stive to avoid making our workshops self-contained. There’s nothing more frustrating than attending a creative workshop, leaving it feeling 1,000% inspired—but then crashing down again a week or so later, unable to sustain your motivation at home. We offer fun and practical ways for writers to continue their momentum after the workshop, including tips on how to use the student workbook at home.

Is this for you?

Dragon’s Gate creative journeys are designed for the shy or frustrated writer: closet writers who’ve been putting off getting started, beginning writers who are unsure how to tap into the flow, experienced writers who’ve hit a wall or experienced a wound to their creativity.

What we don’t cover is the typical industry training: how to find an agent, how to get published, how to market your book. There are plenty of experts who can show you the professional ropes when you’re ready. We firmly believe that a deep connection to your creativity—and less goal-oriented reasons to practice it—should always come first.