The Fear of Writing Clinic: a fun & liberating workshop.
Scaredy cats & closet writers welcome!

COME TO BEAUTIFUL TAOS, NEW MEXICO, a mecca for creative souls,
and throw off your writing shackles!


— Autographed copy of Milli’s book, Fear of Writing
— 57-page student workbook
— A fun weekend full of writing!

Fear of Writing Clinic: a fun and liberating workshop for closet writersWORKSHOP DESCRIPTION

SHARPEN YOUR PENCIL and get ready to write! No matter what your level of writer’s block, lack of inspiration, or sheer terror of failure, you’ll find yourself hitting the page with characters spouting dialogue and stories flowing out of your pen.

The old pressure to dredge up “something worth writing” is lifted away and you can simply let the magic happen.

Meanwhile, you’ll discover that your imagination is far richer than you’ve ever suspected. This is all accomplished in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, where you will feel rewarded for outwitting your fear of writing.

If you’re shy, you can sit quietly until it feels comfortable to offer your insights. But everyone–even the grimmest who believe they have NO talent—must come prepared to write. You’ll be glad you did. The Storyteller Writing Prompts have been known to unblock the most secretive of closet writers . . . and even the biggest scaredy cats!


It screams “safe”!
—Sallye Beranak, Ft. Collins, Colorado

I’m not a poet, but after your Fear of Writing Clinic I felt so inspired I entered a poetry contest and won a Sony Vaio.
—Robert Beale, Taos, New Mexico
The exercises were fun! I had a GREAT time.
—Donna Brown, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I really enjoyed your workshop. It was fun. I look forward to seeing a ‘Son of Fear of Writing’ workshop someday.
—Raven Puente, Spring Branch, Texas

Once again, thank you so much. At the beginning of the day I felt like “Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, I can’t write anything around these people—they’re all so good and I’m just going to sound dumb!” But we both had a really, really good time. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!
—Susan Smith, San Antonio, Texas, attending with her daughter

Thanks for a great writing workshop. I realized several things—one of which is that other people’s fears are no greater or lesser than mine. That was very helpful.
—Terry Fisher, at a Fear of Writing Clinic sponsored by SouthWest Writers

Great writing exercises. Nothing has set me free like these. Thanks!
—Lyn Canham, Sandia Park, New Mexico


Kathy writing at the Tantrick Writing Clinic

Writing at Milli’s workshop

Do I need previous experience as a writer? No. This workshop is suitable for beginners, established writers and even people who have never written before. A closet writer is someone who has dreamed of “someday” being a writer but has either been too busy or too scared to try. Now you can come out of the closet the easy way. This workshop has also helped seasoned writers recover from feeling jaded, stale or blocked.

Will this workshop show me how to get published? Nope. This workshop is for the fun of creativity—and to become acquainted with liberating writing exercises (the Storyteller prompts) that will give you food for many, many stories you can write even long after the workshop is over. The day of writing and sharing also gently helps with any writing fears you may have.

Will anyone critique my writing? No! Everyone is encouraged to read to the group what they have written, but no one is pressured to read. And critiques are not allowed. The philosophy of Fear of Writing is to provide a safe place where no one has to dread an unkind critique.


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Ground Rules
The Purpose of This Workshop
Define Fun
Suffering Comes with the Turf
Fear of Criticism
The Seven Eternal Laws of Writing
Storyteller Skeletons
Feedback: What to Give; What to Expect
Storyteller Writing Prompts
Rewrite Your Crushing Moment

How to Get the Most from Your Student Workbook at Home
Listening to Hunches While Writing
A tale inspired by rice porridge
Learning to Trust Your Imagination
Using Milli’s book at home
Storyteller Writing Circles

3 special assignments you can do at home
Write for Milli’s fun travel blog
Be a guest on the Fear of Writing blog
Write for the Fear of Writing Gazette

5 special assignments you can do at home
About Milli Thornton
Writer’s Muse Coaching Service
Fear of Writing Online Course
Unleash Your Writing!
The 10K Day for Writers
Ace Your 10K Day!
Writing When the Spirit Moves You
Tantrick Writing Clinic
Travel Writing in the 5th Dimension

3 special assignments you can do at home
Fear of Writing: Is It a Gene?
Coming Out of the Writer’s Closet for Good
Water: Do Writers Need It?

How to Invent Name Soup
10 Tips for Using the Storyteller Writing Prompts
What to Do If or When Fear Strikes
Writer’s Block? Use the Whiplash of Your Inner Critic to Make it Across the Drawbridge