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In Chinese and Japanese legend the lowly carp spends its life trying to swim up the Yellow River. At the source of the river is a great roaring waterfall. If the koi were able to swim up that waterfall, it would be rewarded and transformed into a dragon. Thus, the koi is a symbol of personal advancement, perseverance, determination in the face of impossible obstacles, and inner strength.

Here at Dragon’s Gate Creative Journeys, we want to help you be the koi who transforms into a dragon of creativity! And we want it to be wholeheartedly fun for you.

We are Milli Thornton and Leigh Lauck, two coffee-loving creative souls who enjoy offering fun writing workshops and creative expeditions.

Milli & Leigh, funwritingworkshops.com

Milli & Leigh

Not sure what a “creative expedition” might be? If you’re feeling tantalized by the very sound of it, feel free to explore our site to learn more. Not all of the mysteries will be revealed (you’ll have to come to one of our workshops for that!) but we do promise to stimulate your sense of adventure.

We also love to assist the people who show up to dip a toe in the water. If you don’t feel ready for a writing workshop or creative expedition, please feel welcome to contact us with your thoughts and questions. This includes any fears that are currently hindering you from living the creative life that’s trapped inside of you.

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