The Travel Into Your Imagination Writing Workshop

I didn’t know what to expect at the writing clinic. Milli was full of surprises!
—Bill Peck, Cimarron, New Mexico

I’m not a poet, but after your Fear of Writing Clinic I felt so inspired I entered a poetry contest and won a Sony Vaio. —Robert Beale, Taos, New Mexico

Writing at one of Milli's fun workshops

Writing at one of Milli’s fun workshops

EVER BEEN TO A writing event where you felt small and intimidated by the literary geniuses at the podium, rather than encouraged?

Ever been to a writing workshop where it was less about actually doing some new writing than it was about talking heads?

At Fun Writing Workshops, we know exactly how demoralizing that can feel. We don’t like those kinds of writing events ourselves, so we set out to offer an alternative.

Here’s how one writer described the kind of experience we provide:

   The writing courses I have taken involve being lectured to about story structure and so forth, passing around assignments to the class and then listening while somebody praises or more likely trashes your story.

As an example, I can recall very specifically in a creative writing course being told a character of mine was ‘stale and trite’ and I should  look to student-whose-name-I-forgot for some great examples of character development. That experience is the antithesis of what you offer.

The support and encouragement was there all the way. It was not just a fun thing to do but it didn’t require a pedigree to participate. The assignments and words of advice seem to match perfectly what I needed at the moment.

What makes this so wonderful is that it was all so genuine. Perhaps I am a little bit jaded but I did not expect that. I felt you were as interested in helping me as I was, perhaps more so. That level of concern and attention to detail is why I said to you on the phone that it feels like  concierge-level service.   

— J.G., Chicago, Illinois

It seems like I’ve been writing non-stop ever since your workshop. I had a fantastic idea for a book based on one of your workshop exercises and have been writing it ever since. It keeps me awake at night with new twists and turns. I can’t tell you the joy I’m feeling . . . it’s a feeling of coming home for me.

—Kerree Wheelock, Colorado Springs, Colorado